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Dead Sea Bath Salts $5.00
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Glass or Plastic?

Up until recently we have marketed our products locally, and have always packaged our scrubs and salts in glass. Now that we are shipping, I am seriously considering plastic. We would love your input. Glass is typically prettier, and for those of us who are leaning more toward the greener side of things, considered safer. However it is heavier and more of a challenge to ship. Leave us feedback, and we'll enter your name in a drawing to win a free bar of soap! Please be sure you include an email address in case we aren't able to link back to your site for some reason.


i am feathermaye said...

Since I am of the frugal variety, I vote for plastic. I recognize the benefit to the glass, but I just don't think it would be cost-efficient for mail order.

Cindylouwho1966 said...

As a candlemaker, I don't have to make this choice! Sometimes, it's too bad for my pocketbook that I can't.

Glass is wonderful, both for looks and for keeping product fresh. But plastic is obviously much more cost-effective.

I say keep looking for the highest quality plastics you can find. After all, Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret don't use glass.

hannahmade soaps said...

Thanks ladies. I have found some really nice high quality plastic jars. I just didn't want to alienate my green friends. I suppose I could offer both, with an higher price tag on the glass. I am hoping for a few more opinions, but I'll be doing the 'drawing' on Dec 31st.

MomToEli said...

I prefer glass, personally. I reuse jars for any number of things. Being packaged in plastic would not deter me from purchasing, though.


Amy B said...

I just want the item to stay fresh..so for me either will do. I know glass can be hard to ship and also weighs more.
I am loving your site...

hannahmade soaps said...

I guess I should have also posted when the contest will end. We'll have our drawing on Dec 31st to ring in the New Year. I'll even let the winner pick the fragrance.

Stefani said...

You might want to give them an option. I know I have ordered things that were glass and they were broke during shipment. Glass is much prettier but having the option for plastic instead might be a bonus for some.


Rowena said...

I think people will pay for the higher price of glass.

If you are marketing these as up scale, green products, people will pay that.

Plus, glass is so much prettier, and people can reuse the bottles. It's more difficult to ship, but I think it makes the product more desirable.

Of course, I don't have the business head that Hannah does. I am in awe of her.

Can I be Hannah when I grow up?

Tranquil Places said...

I use a PET plastic bail container which is recyclable for my scrubs/salts. It can be costly if you have breakage with glass. Having said that, I am moving 2 more of my products to glass in 2009. You just need to be super duper careful about securing the glass containers and marking Fragile all over the shipping boxex

Roguepuppet said...

How durable are the plastic containers? Are they made from recycled plastics? Are they sturdy enough that I could ship them back to you for a refill at a discount when they get empty? just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I think I would market them with glass containers but offer a plastic alternative.

helen@itsecotime.com said...

Here's how a friend of mine solved this problem. To local customers she continued to package in glass and actually offered a small discount if they returned the glass jars for reuse. However, like you, the cost of shipping products in glass was prohibitive so she sourced the "greenest" possible plastic.

TrudyS said...

I've been using Hannah's unscented soap exclusively for about 2 weeks now. I LOVE it. It is truly unscented, which is important to a 'scent sensitive' person like me, and it is incredibly gentle on my skin. My skin doesn't feel dry or tight after I wash with it. I was also surprised at how long my little tester bar has lasted. Without the added air it really is a great value.