Goat Milk Soap

Goat Milk Soap
Cleopatra's Secret to Youthful Beauty
3.5 - 4 oz bars - choose fragrance

Dead Sea Bath Salts $5.00

Dead Sea Bath Salts $5.00
Relax and Rejuvenate
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Sugar Scrub $5.00

Sugar Scrub $5.00
Scrub, don't Eat!
Fragrance Choices

Peppermint Foot Scrub

Peppermint Foot Scrub
Tingly Clean - Sluff off those Callouses
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some pitctures of our latest batch of soap

A few pictures of our latest batch of soap. These are cold processed, and are curing. Hot process is really my favorite, but HP doesn't mold well so the bars aren't as pretty.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Glass or Plastic?

Up until recently we have marketed our products locally, and have always packaged our scrubs and salts in glass. Now that we are shipping, I am seriously considering plastic. We would love your input. Glass is typically prettier, and for those of us who are leaning more toward the greener side of things, considered safer. However it is heavier and more of a challenge to ship. Leave us feedback, and we'll enter your name in a drawing to win a free bar of soap! Please be sure you include an email address in case we aren't able to link back to your site for some reason.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free Shipping & a Free Guest Size Bar of Soap

Free shipping on all orders over $50. And, for anyone who would like to try a sample bar for free - add a picture widget linkback on your blog to our website, and we'll send you a guest size bar of soap for free. Email us at hannahmadesoaps@gmail.com if you are interested in taking advantage of this offer.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Updates coming

We're still working some on the layout, and experimenting to see if our shipping costs are adequate. One thing we offer that is not mentioned is free shipping on orders over $50.oo. We will be assembling our 'Spa in a Box' packages this weekend, and will add it as a selection as soon as we have pictures. Also, watch for a sampler in the near future.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why Goat Milk Soap?

Why homemade? Our family strives to live a healthy lifestyle. Through research we have come to realize that all the chemicals we put on our skin can be harmful. Since our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and it readily absorbs what we put on it, it only makes sense to be careful. Almost all commercially manufactured soaps, lotions, and creams have parabens in them, not to mention other chemicals that might be harmful to our bodies. In an effort to eliminate as many harmful chemicals as possible in our household, we began to make our own soap several years ago. Little did I know the incredible difference it would make! Once you have enjoyed the rich, creamy, nourishing characteristics of homemade soap, there is no turning back.
History books tell us that Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets included bathing in goat's milk. The nutrients in the milk actually nourish then skin. We use all natural ingredients in our unscented soaps, and only add the best quality fragrances to those that are scented. We also use only fresh goat's milk. We formulate our own recipes to create the richest, most luxurious creamy lathers, and choose oils which provide the best balance for all types of skin. We have had people with sensitive skin sing the praises of our soaps, and others with particular skin challenges tell us how much they have improved. Unless requested we don't color our soaps, preferring the natural and varying shades that are created when goat milk goes through the soponification process.
Handmade soap, especially goat milk soap, is softer than comercially processed soap. It will not dry your skin, nor will it leave it oily. It cleans without leaving a film or residue. Once you've tried it for yourself, you'll no longer question why it is superior to commercially milled soaps.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Rest of the Story

.......me for over a year to make soap before I finally relented. Soapmaking is an exact science, and the creation process can be daunting, and even a bit dangerous. After much needling, I finally ordered all the necessary supplies, and we began our soap making journey. We enjoyed the fruits of our labor for several years before Hannah decided that she'd like to try her hand at earning some extra money by developing her own line of soaps.As a mom who wants to help her children follow their dreams, we set out on a journey. Just by frequenting the local green market for a few months she was able to earn enough money to purchase a pony with her own profits. For months, she has wanted to expand to the world of online marketing, and again, I have been reluctant. Thanks to the encouragement of some Fabulous Friends, I am stepping out again, in hopes to help my daughter live her dreams. As adults, we typically see all the things that could go wrong, or all the challenges that a small business in the expansive cyberworld will face. Through my own personal development and growth, I am learning to not acknowledge those fears, and to focus on the dream. Dreams can only become realities when we stretch our wings and make a concerted effort to take flight.This is a site that is under development. Check back frequently. Because we make small specialized batches of soap, we are always willing to develop a soap to suite your fancy. Please let us know if there are fragrances that you prefer, or if you have a special blend of oils you'd like for us to use to develop a recipe. We might even name it after you!
Currently we are in the process of making several new batches of soap. All should be ready to ship by the end of next week in time for gift giving.

Please leave us comments, and become a follower so you'll get updates when we add new selections.